TuffCut® End Mills - Series 165GX

Solid Carbide TuffCut® GP-GX 4 Flute End Mill Ball Nose GemX Coated. Designed for milling fillets or similar rounded corners in the bottom of a cut. Excellent for high performance milling of graphite and similar materials.
  • 4 Flute
  • Solid carbide
  • GemX coating, GX = GemX coated - for longer tool life
  • Center cutting
  • Stub flute length
  • Ball nose
  • 30° Helix angle
  • For roughing and finishing applications
  • Material Applications:  Non-Ferrous
* This is a non-stock and non-returnable item
Tool EDP Diameter Dtod1 Shank Diameter D2 Oal L1 Flute Length L2 Neck Length L3 Available Price
16515620GX 03651
16518750GX 03653
165S1250N5GX 03671
165S2500GX 03655