TuffCut® End Mills - Series 163GX

Solid Carbide TuffCut® GP-GX 4 Flute End Mill GemX Coated
Excellent for high performance milling of graphite and similar materials, with reduced deflection, improved tool life and overall economy.
  • 4 Flute
  • Solid carbide
  • GemX coating, GX= GemX coated - for longer tool life
  • Center cutting 
  • Stub flute length
  • 30° Helix angle
  • For roughing and finishing applications
  • Square end and corner radius options
  • Material Applications:  Non-Ferrous
* This is a non-stock and non-returnable item
Tool EDP Diameter Dtod1 Shank Diameter D2 Oal L1 Flute Length L2 Neck Length L3 Available Price
163S125R.015N5GX 03672
163S187R.030N8GX 03661
163S3750GX 03644
16318750GX 03641
163S2500GX 03642
163S250R.030N5GX 03662
163S125R.015N12GX 03660
163S078R.010N5GX 03659
163S5000GX 03646
163S062R.010N8GX 03658